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Reliable & Safe International Courier Service in India

We have been in this business for years and have gained some trusted partners all along this year. FEDEX, DHL & UPS , and more are some of our international courier partners, that help us to deliver your packages smoothly overseas. Check some of our achievements and benefits you can expect from us

  • We have completed 300+ pan India door-to-door pickup. 
  • We have safely shipped 220+ packages all around the world. 
  • We only take 3 to 6 days on average to deliver packages in the country or worldwide. 
  • We are offering membership which will help you save up to 80%. 
  • Working experience in international couier cargo services 15.Years of experience all documentation prepare and export & import Etc.,

Courier Service- A promise to keep

Are you in need of delivering parcels from India to USA & CANADA? If yes, then Fly Express is here to help you. All the services in Canada are faster and better compared to that of the other countries. But when it comes to courier services, even India is not less than a competitor. Especially when the country has some excellent courier services like Fly Express, it has to have a reliable service. If you want to find out more about Fly Express, keep an eye on the following article!

What is Special about us?

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable courier service for delivering things to Canada, then look no further as Fly Express is right here to your rescue. Fly Express has got the right name in the market as it has earned such a reputation with its hard work and excellent services. Here are a few points which might help you choose Fly Express as your courier partner:

  • You would find many courier services in the market, but very few would provide you, compatible employees. Fly Express is one of the courier services which offer consistent employees to the customers. Reliable customer services are of great help to all the customers. You would not have to hunt for answers to your questions anymore.
  • Fly Express provides fast and speedy courier from India to USA & CANADA. They choose various means of shipping to deliver the parcels safely on time to your allocated place in Canada. 
  • If you are confused regarding the courier services from India to USA & CANADA, then feel free to choose Fly Express for their door-to-door services. Fly Express’ special team specializes in picking up delivery parcels from India’s customers from their home and delivering them to proper addresses to USA & CANADA. If you want such heart-warming facilities at your doorstep, then choose Fly Express courier services.
  • Customer satisfaction has always been Fly Express’ first concern, unlike other courier services. When they took the initiative to deliver your parcels to USA & CANADA, they did it with the utmost care. They try their best to deliver the packages intact on time to the correct address in USA & CANADA. In case of any damage to the parcel during the transportation procedure, you can get coverage even as compensation. 
  • The last but not the least remarkable fact about Fly Express is their dutifulness and responsibility. These two things are rare to find in courier services these days. But you can quickly get it from Fly Express.

Is it safe to choose us?

If you are in a dilemma whether to choose Fly Express or not as your courier partner, then the following paragraph might help you with the decision. Fly Express has always been the customer's all-time favorite courier service. The bond between the customers and Fly Express never gets ruined because of the employees' best teamwork and harmony. Yes, it is always safe to choose Fly Express for delivering packages to USA & CANADA.
What keeps you waiting? Go and find out more on https://flyexpress.in/.


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