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Avail our easy courier services to Australia & New Zealand

Did you just buy a very cute outfit from the internet and want to send it to your dear one currently residing in Australia & New Zealand but worried about the cost of shipping? Well, no worries now you have fly express to Courier India to Australia & New Zealand. We offer exclusive courier deals to Australia & New Zealand.

We guarantee you that we offer the best prices courier rates among all the other courier services in India. Our courier rates are on full display on the chart provided above. As you can see we charge according to the weight & Box dimensions of the package.

Fair pricing policy and reliable

While other courier services will overcharge you, we do not intend to do that. We have followed a fair price policy so that you can ship the items to your dear ones in Australia & New Zealand. We want to work with you to bring joy in the faces of people living in a foreign land away from their motherland.

When you are sending expensive gifts, you need a reliable courier company that you can trust. This is also applicable in cases when you have to ship confidential documents that could be legal contracts or even academic papers and yes we also courier documents.

Ships quickly and on time

It is not fun if your loved one received the gift you sent to them a day later than intended because by then the moment has already passed. It is highly important that when you choose a courier service, you need to choose a company that has a track record of delivering packages on time and ships quickly.

We generally ship packages within 3-4 business days, so you can expect to get your package delivered within a week or so.

Send household stuff to New Zealand

If you sell household stuff online and you want to expand your customer base well you can go global with our help. We can help ship the items on time to your customers.

When you are partnering with a courier company you need a partner that takes care of the shipment side of the business to ensure highest customer satisfaction levels and with us by our side, you can say goodbye to your shipping woes.

Shop till you drop and let us take care of the rest

Do you know you can shop from any popular online shopping sites in India and choose us as your delivery partner to get your items in less than a week? Yes, it is possible to do that!

Sometimes the delivery partners of these shopping sites often run into problems like delays in shipping or the package gets lost or damaged in transit. In this case, it is best to opt for a courier company like us, that is reliable. We will deliver the package right to your doorstep within 6 working days!

Ship precious Fancy wear artificial jewellery to Australia & New Zealand

There is just something different about Indian artificial jewellery, so gorgeous and traditional. Now you can ship artifical jewellery to Australia & New Zealand with the help of our courier services. You can ship Cloths, Excess baggages, kitchen utensils and food stuff Australia & New Zealand.

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