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Courier Services to France

Are you planning to send some packages to Germany? If yes, then you can go for a courier
service. One of the best courier services to rely on is none other than Fly Express. Fly Express is
a courier service that believes in serving its customers in the best way possible. Does it sound
interesting? If yes, then look further and go for Fly Express courier services. Grab your chance of dealing with the best now!

The best international courier services in Hyderabad

If you want to courier from India to Germany, you would not mind taking a look at the
following points, proving that courier services from India to Germany are quite efficient. Check the following points now:

If you are looking forward to sending an international courier from Hyderabad to any location across the country, then we at Fly Express International Courier and Cargo Services offer the best and cost-effective services. Our charges for international courier services in Hyderabad is very affordable and this makes the cheapest international courier service in India. We treat the parcels of our customers with extreme care and we offer a 100% guarantee for safe delivery of their package to the destination within the agreed time. We at Fly Express as one of the leading courier service providers are dedicated to solving all your domestics & international delivery requirements.

Who are we and where do we come from? 

The major USP of Fly Express International Courier and Cargo Services in speedy goods delivery to anywhere in the world. We ensure fast & reliable courier service in Hyderabad that completely ensures that all the delivery needs of the customers are very well met. Whatever is the nature of delivery that you require, we would surely get you covered like excess baggage, food materials, medicine delivery, industrial equipment etc.

We always work with a team of passionate professionals who love what they do and are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction & happiness. This is the reason why everything is done at keeping in mind the customers’ convenience from the pickup location to the delivery drop point. The customers choose their convenient point of pickup and their delivery point. We act as per our customers’ command and provide the swiftest international courier services in Hyderabad.

Customers are carefully involved in the entire delivery journey as they can track numbers provided to them on the collection of the parcel. They very well track real-time where their parcels are and they can effectively monitor the parcel’s delivery.

Some tips that the customers should follow for us to serve the best courier service 

Here are the tips that you should necessarily follow for us to serve you better.

  • Hand over your parcel in open places – You must choose a location that is more convenient for you and these can be collected conveniently and safely without any kind of hassle.
  • Provision & verification of identity – Each parcel that we deliver would necessarily undergo some rigorous security checks by the concerned Indian regulatory bodies for safety purposes but at times of special cases where there is a query or issue with any of the packages, the law usually demands the ICS the proof of the customer’s identity and also ask to provide the necessary details to the concerned regulatory body. So, a copy of the customer’s identity is to be attached to the parcel.
  • Providing photo identity – You would require to provide your pictures and we would make photocopies of the pictures and preserve them safely in our records confidentially. This is in compliance with certain security and safety regulations that have been announced by the government’s apex regulatory bodies.

The steps involved in the working of Fly Express International Courier and Cargo Services

  1. Choosing a pickup location – Whatever be the location that you choose or wherever you are, we would locate you and then pick up the parcel for the purpose of delivery.
  2. Getting the parcel ready for picking up – Once you have chosen the pickup location either at your office or home, you would require your parcel to be ready and then properly packaged for us to pick it up for delivery. You necessarily need to ensure that your parcel is packaged in a good way for avoiding any future issues. You do not have to be bothered regarding the safety of your package as this is guaranteed by us.
  3. Securing the given tracking number – You necessarily need to secure the given tracking number as this would help you in tracking the parcel while in transit. With this reference number, you would be able to track the package and keep you informed regarding the live location of your parcel and the scheduled delivery time, so you do not need to be bothered at any time regarding the parcel.
  4. Safe delivery of your parcel – Irrespective of the distance that is needed to be traversed for the delivery, this would be safely delivered through our different means of transport – trains, aero planes, trucks etc. Although in this entire process of transit, your parcel would undergo several custom checks for ensuring security, our team would always guide you for an absolute hitch-free custom check procedure.

Why should you choose us for international courier services in Hyderabad? 

We offer worldwide delivery to the different countries and we are completely equipped for ensuring this. We are fully capable of handling all the international orders with overnight export delivery services.

We offer a range of worldwide courier services and also overnight delivery services to several countries overseas via air freight services, cargo services and also gift delivery services. Our team help you through each and every necessary detail that is required for ensuring a completely hitch-free custom check during this process of parcel delivery. Our team prepares all the necessary paperwork needed by the customs department for the purpose of smooth delivery.

The good reasons for choosing us for international courier services in Hyderabad are:

  • We offer the best of the best solutions for delivering your fast/urgent international documents as well as shipments.
  • Customs clearance consultation with our officers if need be.
  • Real-time tracking of the consignments is possible.
  • We pack the parcel that you want to send to the pickup location (office/home) itself.

How do we package the parcels for international delivery? 

This is very essential that you package all your parcels in proper order for a safe delivery without any pilferage. We would also help you in packaging all your parcels if you would not want to go through the stress but if you want to do it all by yourself, here are a few things that you should necessarily note while doing the same:

  • Ensuring the maximum usage of a strong and convenient package or box for avoiding any subtle exposure or damage of the parcel before reaching the destination.
  • You need to cushion the parcel properly from the inside for getting rid of any of the additional space within the box. This would keep the item intact inside the box and avoid any kind of movement during the phase of transit.
  • This is advisable to use the H taping method for sealing the package. This H taping method is very effective and this also ensures that the parcel is sealed properly.
  • You should make it a point to label the packaged parcel properly so that there is no confusion in identifying the parcel. The label should necessarily contain the receiver’s complete address and also the sender’ name and contact details.

List of prohibited articles to be sent 

  • Dangerous goods as per the consideration of IATA.
  • Ammunition and firearms
  • Perishable food items
  • Living plants and animals
  • Pornographic materials
  • Lottery tickets and gambling devices – all nature of gambling devices are prohibited as per the prevailing law
  • Shipments with cash on delivery
  • Foreign currencies
  • Gas cylinders that are toxic/non-toxic/flammable
  • Dangerous items
  • Flammable liquids

Sending medicines from India to other countries using our international courier services 

This is a very special service for those people who stay in countries abroad but are required to fetch drugs from the country of India to some overseas location. At Fly Express, we offer unique emergency delivery services for medicine that are indispensable for saving someone’s life. A few medications may only be available in India and thus needs to be delivered from here. We offer the best and rapid medicine delivery to 220 countries with prompt pickups and doorstep services.

How do we conduct the international medicine delivery? 

  • Get the medicines ready for the purpose of pickup – After you have chosen a convenient location for the pickup of the medicines, you would require to get the medicines ready & properly packaged for the purpose of pick up. You necessarily need to ensure that the medicine parcel is packaged in the best possible manner for avoiding any future issues. You do not have to be bothered regarding the package as we give you the guarantee of safety while the package is in transit.
  • Choosing the pickup location – You need to convey to us which location should we reach to pick up the parcel and our team member would reach there for the purpose of picking up the medicine parcel as per the agreed time treating it as a high priority.
  • Securing the tracking number of the medicine parcel – Once we pick up the medicine parcel from the pickup location confirmed by you, we would provide you with a tracking number that you can use for online tracking of the live location of the parcel during the phase of transit.

Safe delivery of your medicine parcel to the destination – No matter whichever country you want to send the medicine parcel to, we would always ensure that it would be delivered safely and within the promised turnaround time. We would always ensure that your parcel’s custom check is hassle-free and reaches the destination on time.

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