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Best International Courier Services from Malaysia to India and Vice-versa

Reliable Courier Service

There is no point in getting tensed regarding your couriers anymore as the Fly Express is here to the rescue! If you have got any couriers from India to Singapore, then our services are reliable enough. Here are a few points which you might like about our services:

From medicines to eatables, there is a wide list of items that you can send from India to Malaysia or vice-versa. To ensure a faster delivery time you must opt for a courier company that works with trusted carriers. 

Besides offering free pickup services, these international courier companies will also assist you with customs clearance documentation and packing.


What can not be sent to Malaysia or India?

Most international courier companies partner with various carriers like InPost FedEx, UPS, IMX, TNT, ASM, or the like. These carriers, as well as the courier companies, have a list of prohibited items that must be checked before you decide to ship your parcel. 

Most commonly restricted items in Malaysia to India courier services are hazardous materials, toxic substances, perishable goods, acids, weapons, viruses, and ammunition. Moreover, each country has different customs regulations and laws which further prohibits certain products. 

Labeling and Packing

For your shipment to reach the recipient or destination unscathed, it is important to pack it properly. The packaging should be able to underrate the impact of shocks that may happen while in transit. 

The most important element is to choose the right box which will be stiff and secure. Moreover, secure your items with bubble wrap to provide substantial cushioning. If you feel that there is still some space left in the box, fill it up with some soft material to prevent the products from moving inside the box. While sealing the shipment, you must attach your bill of lading properly in a visible area of the box.

Fast Shipping from India to Malaysia or vice-versa Facts

The delivery time usually depends on the distance between the two countries. Most courier companies try to deliver your parcels as cheaply and quickly as possible. However, people often opt for express India to Malaysia courier services instead of standard ones. This can increase your courier charges to a certain extent. 

Fast shipping services are availed of by customers who are in some urgency or sending valuable items. In the case of express courier services, you will get a refund if your goods get damaged while in transit. Most courier companies offer either free or cheap insurance plans to their customers.

Summing Up

Most international courier companies are now offering affordable rates, faster delivery, and easy customs clearance services. The courier charges will vary depending on your courier company, weight and size of the shipment, and distance between the shipping countries.

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