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Courier Services from India to Thailand and Vice-versa

Reliable Courier Service

There is no point in getting tensed regarding your couriers anymore as the Fly Express is here to the rescue! If you have got any couriers from India to Singapore, then our services are reliable enough. Here are a few points which you might like about our services:

Safe and reliable shipment of goods through India to Thailand Courier Services and Vice-versa is hassle-free, convenient, and safe. Nowadays there is no need to deprive your near and dear ones with gifts or any other parcels just for the fear of expensive shipment charges. Many Thailand to India courier services and vice versa curate the perfect package for you for sending any type of shipment.

Not only essential medicines and other lifesaving drugs can be sent from India to Thailand and vice versa but also other non-essential items can be shipped, sent, and delivered. Any type of household items, Commercial Items, Homemade food, Worship items, Toys & Game Consoles, Machinery & Spare parts, etc. can be sent through courier services. The courier service is available throughout the year and in all seasons. 

Shipment delivery charges 

The courier service companies charge a nominal fee for the safe and hassle-free delivery of goods. There are Standard delivery fees for normal transport of goods. The time taken for a standard delivery package is usually four to seven days. There are also Express delivery Services for faster delivery of goods of urgent needs. The time taken under Express delivery courier service is usually two to three days. The goods are packed and shipped on the day of receipt of the shipment itself. The Courier service companies usually provide deep discounts on the delivery packages so that it does not burn a hole in the pockets of the customers.

Other services 

The courier service companies usually provide add-on services like free pick up of the goods and parcels from the place of the customer, wrapping of the shipment, special wrapping for fragile and breakable cargo, easy documentation to provide seamless and hassle-free delivery of goods to the customers. They also usually have dedicated customer care to sort out any issues faced during the transit of goods.     

Booking Price   

The pricing of the goods required to be shipped is based on the actual weight and in the case of fragile goods the amount of extra special wrapping required for safe transportation. The price of each shipment depends on the goods to be shipped. In the case of Express Delivery, the prices are on the higher side. Also, there is an extra charge for the delivery of goods in remote and desolate areas. While placing an order in any courier service, be sure to mention the correct place of booking and delivery details.  

What cannot be delivered 

Fertilizers, weapons, Hazardous materials, mercury, etc. are usually on the restrictive list of items that cannot be sent and customers should be careful not to place an order of shipment of any of the above-mentioned goods. Also, other goods that can harm the shipment of any other orders are generally not taken up by the courier service providers. 

Nonpermissible goods also include marijuana, drugs, alcohol, narcotics, and heavy prescription medicines, and cigarettes, original pieces of art, and goods of perishable nature. There is a possibility that the same would be returned or confiscated. 

General Information  

GST is applicable on the total billing of the shipment of goods at the applicable rates. Most courier companies either provide insurance to the customers free of charge or charge a very nominal fee for transit insurance of the goods. All fragile goods are shipped at the risk of the sender and the courier companies and are not held liable for any damage during the transit. The customers should ensure that the correct value of the goods is declared to avoid hassle-free transit. Also, all customers are provided with a unique tracking number to track the shipment of the goods on a real-time basis.

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