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Fast Shipping from Ghana to India with International Courier Services

There could be a plethora of reasons to make you consider India to Ghana courier services. Whether you are applying to a foreign university, moving abroad with your family, or sending commercial products for business purposes, courier services will meet all your requirements. Often the airline companies come with restrictive baggage allowance policies. This is where international courier companies come into play.

But how much time will it take to deliver a package from India to Ghana or vice-versa? Well, it may take several days depending on the type of courier service you have opted for. Moreover, delivering packages to remote locations may take longer than destinations that are easily accessible. Moreover, these International courier companies have an extensive carrier network across the globe to facilitate faster, reliable, and secure shipments.


How to Pack your Parcel for a Shipment from Ghana to India?

Before looking for Ghana to India courier services, it is essential to understand how to pack your luggage. Whether you are planning to ship leather luggage, golf clubs, commercial items, documents, bicycles, medicines, documents, or sports equipment, you must pack your package carefully. Various things need to be taken care of before the carrier takes possession of your luggage –

  • Your luggage or parcel must be securely packed with no empty spaces. Moreover, use strong cardboard boxes to protect your parcel from getting damaged. 
  • If you are planning to ship fragile items, you must use bubble wrap or polystyrene inside your package to keep the items in good condition.
  • Read all the lists of restricted items in Ghana or India. Moreover, courier companies also have a separate list of prohibited items. If you try to ship these items they may get confiscated by customs.
  • Most courier companies may not allow you to ship weapons, medicines, drugs, aerosols, certain plants, animal products, and the like. However, medicines are allowed by some international courier service companies. You must contact your courier company in case of doubt. Moreover, you must learn about the customs laws and regulations of the destination country. 
  • Prepare a list of the products included in your parcel and attach it to your package. You can ask for other packing instructions from your courier company.

Documents Needed to Ship from India to Ghana

When shipping internationally, you need to furnish the correct documents depending on the national customs regulations and shipment routes. Moreover, the destination country may require different documents depending on the goods that you are shipping. 

Some of the common documents required to ship goods from Ghana to India are the original invoice, proforma voice, and shipping label. When shipping couriers between countries that don’t fall under the category of the trade-free zone, you may also need a customs declaration. Other important shipping documents that you may need for freight and parcels upon export or import are –

  • For Parcels –
      • Proforma Invoice
      • Certificate of Origin
      • Customs Declaration
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Waybill or Label
  • For Freight –
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Proforma Invoice
      • Certificate of Origin
      • Packing List
      • Transport Insurance
      • Inland Bill of Lading
      • Shipper’s letter of instruction
      • Customs Declaration
  • Others –
    • Bill of Lading
    • Proof of both collection and delivery 
    • Dangerous goods form
    • Air Waybill
    • Transport Insurance Certificate

Summing Up

The International courier companies have eased the global shipment process. Now it is much faster and cheaper. Moreover, most carriers offer an insurance policy for your parcel that helps you to sleep peacefully at night. You can also stay updated on the location of your parcel by using the tracking ID provided by your international courier company.

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