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How to Send a Courier from India to Italy or Vice-versa?

Reliable Courier Service

There is no point in getting tensed regarding your couriers anymore as the Fly Express is here to the rescue! If you have got any couriers from India to Singapore, then our services are reliable enough. Here are a few points which you might like about our services:

There can be multiple reasons as to why you may need Italy to India courier services or vice-versa. You can have an accomplice or relative staying there whom you need to send a birthday present to or you can ship commercial items. International courier services offer affordable, secure, and safe shipment options to both private customers and businesses. 

The booking procedure for such courier services is pretty simple. You need to request a quote for your parcel by specifying the measurement and weight of your parcel. You must also fill in the details relating to the place of destination and origin. 

The delivery time may range from 2-12 working days depending on the courier package you have opted for and the distance between the two shipping countries. You can try to reduce the weight of your parcel for minimized shipment charges.

Customs Information

If you are shipping to India from abroad or vice-versa, you need to follow the mandatory customs instructions. This will reduce the possibility of your shipment getting delayed in customs or your parcel getting seized at the borders. You must complete your customs declaration form and detail all the contents of your parcel. You must also state the accurate value of your parcel.

You should also include the correct contact details of the recipient in Italy or India so that they are easily contacted by the customs in case of any due charges. 

Moreover, you should also check for restrictive items before sending your parcel to Italy or India. There are certain shipment limitations as per different government authorities that prevent sending harmful items and hazardous substances. Items like flammable products, magnetic materials, viruses, and drugs are often restricted in most countries. 

Insurance for Shipping

Shipment insurance protects customers or businesses from losses that can occur from the loss of packages in transit. Some India to Italy courier services offer free insurance facilities to their customers. Other international courier companies offer affordable insurance packages. You can get hassle-free and fast claims. 

Summing Up

Now you can ship anything from Italy to India or Vice-versa via international courier services. You can also ship bulk items or overweight baggage from India to any part of the world. You can compare the prices of various courier companies to get the best deals on international shipments. However, you must provide proper documentation to ensure easy customs clearance.

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