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Reaching Freight Destinations Easily with International Courier Services

Online international shipping platforms bring together a multitude of national and international carriers to ship parcels across the globe. Once you find the most reliable courier company, you will realize that it is incredibly affordable and convenient to send your shipment. While looking for India to Sweden courier services you must check the delivery flexibility and safety instead of blindly opting for the cheapest company. 

International courier companies select the best shipment routes to save transit time and money. In just a few clicks you can check for your courier charges and delivery time. You can also choose from multiple payment methods while booking your international courier service. 

How much will it cost to ship to Sweden from India?

You can get an instant quote by providing the following details –

  • Name of the destination country with city zip code
  • The place from where you will be sending the parcel
  • Weight of your parcel
  • Dimensions or size of the parcel box
  • Commodities that you wish to ship to Sweden

Moreover, most international courier companies come with multiple carrier options that enable clients to make informed decisions. Moreover, you can choose from economy and express courier services. However, express services often cost 2x of the standard or economy courier services. 

The cost of sending a parcel from India to Sweden weighing around 1kg via express courier service may range from INR 1000 to 5000 depending on your courier company. It is best to compare the prices offered by different companies to understand the average cost of international courier services. 

Services offered by Sweden to India Courier Companies 

Common Sweden to India courier services include –

  • Multinational Air-freighting of parcels 
  • Sending unaccompanied luggage or baggage 
  • Sending personal items, parcels, samples, food, gifts, etc
  • Sending business letters and documents 
  • Sending commercial items
  • Door-to-door courier services with free pickup
  • Easy customs documentation

Once courier services are booked, you can check the shipment status on the courier company’s website via tracking ID. 

Summing Up

It may take around 10-16 working days to send a parcel from India to Sweden or vice-versa via the cheapest international courier services. You can always contact your courier company or read the information on their website to learn about permissible shipment items to Nigeria and India. Moreover, in the case of sending expensive items, it is best to work with internationally recognized and trusted courier companies.

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