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Ship anything from India to Botswana

Any package can be shipped through India to Botswana courier services no matter what the product by International Courier services. For the transfer of essential goods and documents, it is very much necessary to choose a reliable and experienced courier services company having a strong presence both in India and Botswana. The charges vary for each shipment and it usually depends on the type of shipment required to be sent. The same rule is applicable for the shipment of goods and documents through Botswana to India courier services. 

Essential life-saving medicines, Commercial Items, and Household items, etc. can be shipped to any country through courier services along with documents and other essentials throughout the year at any time. 

Customers also choose courier service providers who provide insurance for the goods sent by them. Generally, the courier service companies charge a very nominal fee or take no charges for insurance of the goods being sent. Nowadays many International courier service providers tie up with Insurance Companies to provide a variety of in-transit insurance and benefits to the customers for no charge or at a very nominal charge. 

It is best to check and compare all add-on services provided by the Courier Service providers before final selection by the Customer so that they can make an informed decision.

Time taken for shipment delivery 

Standard delivery services take anywhere between four to seven days for delivery of goods. However, there is an express delivery service for faster delivery of service. The cost of express delivery is higher than the Standard delivery.

Additional Services

Pick up of goods from the doorstep is available by many courier companies. Courier Companies also provide complete packaging materials so that there can be hassle-free transit of goods. There is usually a dedicated helpline no for any further assistance required by the Customers.    


Multiple factors for example place of origin of the goods, destination, size, weight, and the courier service provider determine the criteria for pricing. Express delivery service may be useful to deliver any goods at a lesser time but any delivery of any shipment of goods in desolate, remote places including urgent deliveries are a little bit expensive. For shipment of goods from India GST is applicable. The prices do not usually include any destination charges. The price is chargeable on the actual weight of the goods or the volumetric weight of the goods whichever is higher. Some International Courier Companies provide free pickup service PAN India. However, pickup & delivery charges will apply in the case of shipment of goods is canceled after any pickup is done from the customer.

Things to note

The customers are required to quote and declare the correct value of the goods being sent, otherwise, they may face a penalty from the Indian Customs. Also, possible delays may happen in case of National Holidays, Custom clearance, religious events, festivals, and unfavorable weather conditions.  

The documentation is usually taken care of by the Courier service provider companies. There exists a simplified documentation process for customs clearance of the goods so that the same can reach the destination without any hindrance whatsoever.   

All customers are provided with a unique tracking ID for tracking the goods sent by them. Customers can track the live location of the goods sent and be informed on a real-time basis about the status of the same. 


Customers may now breathe easy now that International Courier Service has become easier with almost no unnecessary delays and a long wait for goods from India to Botswana and vice versa. With free movements of international shipments made easy by Courier service companies, it is very easy to send any essential and other items with safety and security.

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