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The Cheapest Way to Send Parcel from India to Spain or vice-versa

If you have friends or family living in Spain, it is important to find India to Spain courier services that won’t cost you the earth. Your courier company must offer international courier services, import services, logistic services, door-to-door services, and Port-to-Port delivery services. Most courier companies that have partnered with international carriers will be able to deliver your package to Spain from India within 3-7 working days. 

Sending your parcels, luggage, or commercial shipments from India to Spain or vice-versa can get faster if the addresses (both origin and destination) are located nearby the major roads. You will get a list of prices (economic and premium options) relating to different weight measurements on the website of international courier services. This allows you to compare the prices offered by different courier companies. 

How to Book International Courier Services?

You can book Spain to India courier services or vice-versa easily in just 3 steps –

  • Check for the courier charges of your preferred international courier company by entering the destination, weight, and size of the parcel. You will be able to find courier rates for parcels weighing from 0.5kg to 100 kg. You have to enter the chargeable weight (dimensional weight or actual weight, whichever is higher) to check the exact courier charges.
  • Select the service you want to avail of (economy or express) and a pickup request form would pop up. You can enter your desired pick location in India or Spain. You must also enter the delivery address of your destination country.  
  • Fill up the booking form and read all regulations of the courier service company as well as the destination country (India or Spain). You can here in this stage via multiple options like Online bank transfer, Master Card, PayTM, UPI payment, International Credit cards, and International Debit cards. 

Now, you have to prepare your shipment and wait for your courier company to pick it up from your residential or business premises. Make an invoice/list of all the commodities with their respective quantities and prices. Attach a copy of this list to your parcel. Moreover, make sure not to include any restricted items in your parcel. 

Size and Weight Limits for Shipments

Many international carriers have established a set of standard size and weight limits for parcels. Usually, for individual packages (non-commercial mode), there is a weight limit of 68 kg on your shipment. Moreover, some international courier companies allow only 3 boxes for a single Airway bill for individual customers. 

What Can You Ship to Spain from India or Vice-versa?

You almost send anything to India from Spain or vice-versa unless it doesn’t fall under the category of prohibited or restricted items. Most international courier companies, as well as destination countries, allow you to ship bulky bags, heavy suitcases, parcels (both small and large), bikes, electronic instruments, golf clubs, snowboards, food items, documents, or even medicines. 

However, in the case of shipping medicines, chemicals, or liquids you may need to pay additional charges. You must also provide the necessary documents like a doctor’s prescription and invoice while shipping medicines abroad. 

You can also send items for commercial purposes to India from Spain or vice-versa. You must furnish all the necessary documents to get stress-free customs clearance. 

Summing Up

International courier services enable customers to ship documents, luggage, and parcels faster at affordable rates to foreign countries. You can choose from a variety of courier companies to suit your budget. Moreover, you must emphasize safety and reliability while opting for a particular International courier company. 

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