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Things to consider while Choosing International Courier Services

There could be a number of reasons to send that bulky baggage across continents. Fear no more as International Courier services provide cheap transport of goods at minimum time. Many safe, convenient, and reliable options are available like India to Armenia courier services and vice versa.

Sending any packages and shipment of goods from India to Armenia can take several days depending on the goods being sent. The price of the shipment depends on the actual volumetric weight of the package, its durability, and the place where it is to be delivered. Usually, International Courier Companies take into account the place of entry of the goods and the place where the goods are to be delivered. 

Insurance is a must for international shipment of goods as it protects consumers in case of loss of valuables. Here it is important to note that many carriers offer a free insurance facility to the shippers while others may charge a nominal fee. 

How much does it cost to send bags from India to Armenia?

It is very easy to place a booking for Armenia to India courier services thanks to International courier companies. All you need to do is enter the place of origin of the item. Even the goods are picked up from the place of entry by the Courier Company. They also take care of the packaging. Special packaging is done for fragile and breakable items at a nominal extra added cost or else the customer can take care of the same at his own end also. 


General Information  

The total bill of the shipment of goods includes GST at applicable rates. There are no hidden costs for shipment of goods as a result of which feel free to send gifts and other items to your near and dear ones without burning a hole in your pocket. The customers are required to ensure that they quote the actual value of the goods being sent to ensure hassle-free transit of the goods and avoid problems at the international border or customs. In case of return of the goods, the customers are required to pay return charges. Customers are requested to please refer to the restrictive item list before sending any item from India to Armenia and vice versa. All customers would be provided a tracking number to track the actual position of the goods on a real-time basis.

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